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CAS student seminars from the 2014-2015 class Featured

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 Student seminars from the 2014-2015 class - Complex Systems Seminars


Dynamical Systems


Shamit Bagchi 

"Consciousness as Integrated Information"

Ivo Batkovic 

"Unsupervised Evolutionary Art"

Milica Bijelovic 

"Chaos - Making a new science"

Jens Carlsson 

"Micro-simulation of disease spread"

Siamak Esmi Erkani 


Oskar Fridell 

"Matching Social and Ecological Systems in Complex Ocean Fisheries"

Johan Frisch 

"Anticipating Critical Transitions"

Pontus Granström 

"The Fractal Geometry of Nature"

Amrit Krishnan 

"Rethinking Economics Using Complexity Theory"

Marcus Hägerstrand 

"Predicting the Stock Market Using Twitter"

Mats Uddgård 

"Watson - WatsonPaths"

Selvin Cephus Jayakumar 

"Self-Programming Matter and Artificial Life"

Hjalmar Karlsson 

"Cellular Automata Approaches to Biological Modeling"

Jared Karr 

"Turing Tested"

Mattias Kjelltoft 

"Fractal Terrain"

Fredrik Hoxell

"On the Role of Self-Organization in the Development of Individual and Collective Behaviour - How to Implement Advanced Behaviour in Robots"

Paul Lange

"Climate and Weather Simulation - Using Ensemble Methods to Predict Chaos"

Jonathan Larsson

"Models for simulating pedestrian behaviour and escape panic"

Olof Gustavsson


Laura Masaracchia

"Human Dynamics, From Small Group Interactions to Anthropology"

Björn Persson Mattson

"Honeybee Democracy - Consensus mechanisms in social insect societies"

Björnborg Nguyen

"Modeling vehicular traffic as a complex system

Elin Romare

"Immunizing well-connected networks - why random immunization doesn't work

Vitalii Iarko

"How I could be a millionaire - or - a bit about BitCoin"

Marcus Schmidt Birgersson

"Prediction and classification of cancer using artificial neural networks"

Niclas Ståhl

"Protein folding"

Alireza Tashivir

"Artificial Immune System inspired by Human Immune Systems"

Sebastian Hörl

"Modeling the dynamics of belief systems"

Nils Wireklint

"Fooling Neural Networks and adversarial examples"

Helga Kristín Ólafsdóttir

"Rumor Spreading Model with Trust Mechanism in Complex Social Networks"

Peter Svensson

"Modeling Chemical Exposures"

Toby St. Clere Smithe

"Methods for a complex system: The neuroscience of visual object recognition"

Tomas Jacobsson


Kirill Blazhko


Kalle Hansson


Gustav Olsson



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